If you are trying, or have tried, to negotiate a car accident settlement with an insurance company claims adjuster, then you know how frustrating the process can be. Insurance adjusters are highly skilled negotiators who handle car accident settlements on a daily [ Continue Reading ]

Fraud costs insurance carriers millions of dollars every year.  As a result, insurance carriers look for potential fraud during both the application and claims processes.  At the very least. a fraud investigation gives the insurance company an excuse to delay paying your [ Continue Reading ]

Many people put off scheduling a meeting with a Delaware Valley estate planning lawyer because they think they don’t need an estate plan or, more commonly, they find the whole estate planning process to be a bit daunting.  We can help by [ Continue Reading ]

As a Philadelphia estate planning attorney, I am often asked, “Do I really need an estate plan?” The short answer to that question is, “Yes.” Whether simple or complex, an estate plan is comprised of a number of different documents which, taken [ Continue Reading ]

Your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer from Caiazzo Law Offices knows that all insurance claims adjusters are not created equally. Different sized companies have different philosophies when it comes to settling claims, and those differences can make a big difference in the size [ Continue Reading ]

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