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Your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer from Caiazzo Law Offices knows that all insurance claims adjusters are not created equally. Different sized companies have different philosophies when it comes to settling claims, and those differences can make a big difference in the size [ Continue Reading ]

It is the belief of our Philadelphia auto accident lawyer that everyone should be prepared in the event they are involved in a vehicular accident. Knowing what to do when the accident occurs and right after the accident will help protect their rights [ Continue Reading ]

When you work with your Philadelphia car accident attorney on your motor vehicle accident case, your lawyer will first work to determine what the expected range should be for any settlement you might recover. After determining the range, your lawyer will likely [ Continue Reading ]

There are different types of damages involved in a motor vehicle accident and your Philadelphia car accident attorney can help present all damages for consideration. Understanding how damages differ is an essential part of an accident case. Types of Damages Damages in [ Continue Reading ]

If you have been injured in an auto accident, call your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer for a consultation. Depending on the circumstances and damages, you may be entitled to compensation. The following information from your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer discusses using mediation [ Continue Reading ]

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