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Were you hit by a car while crossing the street, but you weren't in a crosswalk? You may think that you could be at fault, however, drivers are responsible for looking out for pedestrians. Talk with your South Philadelphia personal injury lawyer about how [ Continue Reading ]

If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, you can expect that the other side will be trolling your social media accounts for any information that they can try to use against you. However, you can take steps to minimize the defendant's [ Continue Reading ]

After an accident, you will have to work with your insurance company. How do you make them see that your injury claim is a valid one? Watch this video to find out; to learn more, talk to a car accident lawyer in [ Continue Reading ]

In this article, an experienced Philadelphia estate planning attorney addresses the importance of finding a secure, accessible, logical place to keep your will. Your Last Will And Testament Your will is your means of communicating your wishes to your heirs and protecting [ Continue Reading ]

A real estate lawyer Philadelphia can explain the definition of a do not resuscitate order. Individuals who have such orders in place can also take precautions to safeguard their property in the event that they suffer from respiratory or cardiac arrest. About [ Continue Reading ]

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