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A Car Accident Attorney in Philadelphia on The Subject of Photographic Evidence

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 3, 2022

Graphics and photos have become an increasingly important form of evidence in modern personal injury lawsuits. Your car accident attorney in Philadelphia may be interested in documenting your injury using photos.

How Photographs Are Used in Your Case

If photographs were taken immediately after the car accident, they can help to convey the extent of your injuries and the pain that you suffered. In addition, photographic evidence can demonstrate the impact of the injury. For instance, pictures can display the discomfort caused by your treatment. They can also show scars or other permanent disfigurement caused by the injury.

How to Get Photographs of Your Treatment and Injury

The easiest and most reliable way to get pictures of your injuries is to take them yourself. While your own photos may not be professional quality, they are likely to be suitable as evidence. It is a good idea to take photos from the day of the accident and throughout the treatment regimen. For example, if you have a cast on your arm, you should take pictures with your arm in a cast and right after it is removed to show skin lesions and atrophy.

In some cases, your physician, surgeon or other medical professional may take photographs during your treatment. For example, a surgeon may take photos before, during and after a surgical procedure. You may be able to obtain copies of these photos.

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