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Determining the Value of a Personal Injury Case

If you want answers on the value of your case, talk to our personal injury lawyer Philadelphia. While we cannot provide you with specifics, we can offer a guideline on what your case might be worth. Even so, we will need to gather all of the information related to your case and wait until you are fully recovered after the accident. Many variables can determine a settlement value or influence a jury when awarding payment.

Factors Used to Determine Case Value

Several factors affect the actual value of your case. One of the main factors is your total bill for medical expenses, such as emergency room visits, hospitalization, surgeries, medications, therapy, treatment, testing, and chiropractic care. Another important consideration is how much time you lost from work, including sick time, vacation time, insurance benefits, lost promotion opportunities and any other related losses. In addition, the insurance company or court will review the type of injury and the possible permanence of the injury. They will look at what percentage of the injury, if any, was your fault or if the defendant bore the full burden for liability. They will consider other legal factors that could impact your case. Witness testimonies, how they present themselves, and witness reputation and credibility also will affect case outcome. In addition, various insurance companies will view cases differently related to settlements. Several intangible factors, such as general inconvenience, pain and suffering, and how the injury impacted your relationship with your spouse or children, will all be considered.

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Weighing Each Factor

Other factors might also affect your claim, and some of these are weighted more heavily than others. Even so, claims are not valid until they are backed with the substantiating paperwork. Your attorney will work with you to obtain the necessary information in order to give the insurance company what they need to settle for the highest possible amount or prove your case in court. You will need to compile related paperwork and documentation in order to support your claim.

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