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Case Results

$2.7 Million Products Liability Settlement

Back hoe operator was working on a site when he accidentally activated the bucket which crushed his shoulder. The design of the equipment was defective which facilitated the accident. The equipment is manufactured more safely today, with safeguards in place.

$3.2 Million Trip and Fall Verdict

A workman was delivering nitrogen cylinders to the basement of a photo processing center. In the basement the chemicals are washed down a central drain. The cover to the drain was not placed properly on the drain which left the drain a tripping hazard. As the workman rolled two, five foot, nitrogen cylinders across the basement floor his foot went into the unprotected drain causing the workman to lose control of the nitrogen cylinders and fall to the floor injuring his knees, neck and back. The defendants claimed the cover was on the drain and the workman merely lost control of the nitrogen cylinders causing himself to fall. The workman had surgery to his knees and lower back. The surgery to only one knee provided any relief. Defense doctors claimed all of the injuries were pre-existing and that the workman could not get injured by falling a few feet. After a lengthy trial the jury awarded a total of 3.2 Million with delay damages.

It was one of the highest simple trip and fall verdicts ever recorded in Pennsylvania history.

$1 Million Slip and Fall Verdict

A female employee walked into a rest room which was being mopped by a janitorial service. The cleaning people had not put up any warning signs and were cleaning the inside of the bathroom stalls when the female walked in, she did a split unto her hands but no other part of her body struck the floor. As a result her lower back was contourted causing a severe and crippling lower back nerve injury. The defense doctors testified that there was no way the injury could be from merely doing a split and not actually falling to the floor. The jury disagreed and awarded a $1,000,000.00 verdict.

$850,000.00 Complicated Multi-Vehicle Accident Settlement

Bus, cab and uninsured motor vehicle accident. The uninsured driver (presumably under the influence) drove up a shoulder of a main thoroughfare on the wrong side of the street onto oncoming traffic, striking municipal bus then the bus swerved to the left into oncoming traffic thereby striking the can which caused the death of one occupant and injuries to four minor children. The problem of fault became the issue of the case. How could the taxi have avoided an oncoming bus? The second issue was more insidious. A minority family in a predominately why conservative county in Central Pennsylvania. Under the circumstances of the accident the result was best possible outcome. The final issue was closure, with the unwarranted necessity of putting the family through a three week trial.

$6.5 Million Spinal Cord Injury Settlement

A student who was studying at a University in Philadelphia was engaged in unsafe activity by not taking his seizure medication. The medication dulled his ability to effectively study and take his final exams. As a result of not taking the medication the student suffered several seizures and had to be hospitalized on each occasion by EMS from his dorm room. After repeated incidents the student suffered a seizure and fell out of bed thereby sustaining a severe spinal cord injury from the waist down rendering him unable to walk and thereafter wheel chair bound. The school took the position that the student caused his own injuries with self destructive behavior. It was argued that the behavior of the student was excusable under the circumstances of his studies and the school owed him a duty to protect him from his own behavior once the school was put on notice of the danger and risk of injury. The settlement was one of the highest reached in Pennsylvania in 2012, 6.5 Million Dollars.

$1.7 Million Product Liability

A workman was operating a backhoe which did not have proper safety features. Although the backhoe was operating as manufactured, it was still unsafe and designed which created the dangerous condition which led to the workman’s injuries. The injuries were a brachial plexus crush of the left thorax which rendered the left arm virtually unusable. After a series of mediations the manufacturer agreed to correct the defect in all of its products and provided damages of $1.7 Million Dollars to the workman.

$1 Million Dram Shop Liquor Liability Settlement

A bar tender at a local bar/restaurant served a visibly intoxicated man who then attempted to drive his family home. Within ten minutes of leaving the bar, the driver swerved off the highway injuring everyone in the vehicle and killing his sister. There was only a single limit One Million Dollar policy. The bar/restaurant closed and went into bankruptcy due to the exposure of multi-million dollar verdict had the action proceeded to trial.

$800,000.00 Auto Accident Settlement

This was a multi-car accident in which all of the drivers played a roll in not being cautious or safe. The injuries included facial scarring, emotional distress, and wrongful death. At the pretrial settlement conference a global package was orchestrated by the judge to the satisfaction of all parties. It was a difficult case because the defendants with the largest insurance coverage were the least culpable and the defendant who caused the initial accident was uninsured.

$600,000.00 Delay in Diagnosis Medical Malpractice

A highly contested case of whether a doctor informed his patient of her mammogram results. The doctor was unable to demonstrate that even if he did provide the mammogram results that he ever followed up to assure his patient sought the necessary treatment thereafter. As a result it was conceded that the doctor could have and should have followed up to insure patient safety. Settled at the pretrial settlement conference prior to picking a jury.