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Building off of his father's legacy, Attorney Caiazzo has over 35 years of hard-working legal experience in Philadelphia.


When dealing with a traumatic injury or the death of a loved one, Attorney Caiazzo is here to assist you.


You have a say in how your case progresses. Attorney Caiazzo diligently aims to satisfy your needs and goals.

Anthony J. Caiazzo, Jr., Esquire

Attorney Anthony J. Caiazzo, Jr. earned his Juris Doctorate from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1987. He followed in his father's footsteps and built his career at his family's law firm here in South Philly. His father came to America from Italy at the age of four. He could not speak or read any English. After years of hard work and determination, he built this law firm that is now run by Anthony Jr. Contact him today in Philadelphia to request a free consultation of your personal injury or estate planning case.

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Attorney Caiazzo is here to serve you. Whether you have suffered a terrible injury in a car accident, on someone else's property, or in a sports game, he is here to fight for the financial compensation that is owed to you. He also provides steadfast legal representation for those who need assistance in estate planning. He can help you create a will, represent you in probate, and more. Whatever your legal needs may be, get in contact with him today.

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Case Results

Spinal Cord Injury

$6.5 Million Settlement

A Philadelphia university student engaged in unsafe activity by not taking his seizure medication. As a result, he suffered several seizures and had to be hospitalized on each occasion. After repeated incidents, the student suffered a seizure and fell out of bed. He sustained a severe spinal cord injury from the waist down that rendered him wheelchair-bound and unable to walk. The school took the position that he caused his own injuries with self-destructive behavior.

Trip & Fall

$3.2 Million Settlement

A workman was delivering nitrogen cylinders to the basement of a photo processing center. In the basement, the chemicals are washed down a central drain. The cover to the drain was not placed properly on the drain, which created a tripping hazard. As he rolled two nitrogen cylinders across the basement floor, his foot went into the unprotected drain, causing him to lose control of the nitrogen cylinders and fall to the floor, injuring his knees, neck and back.

Defective Product

$1.7 Million Settlement

A workman was operating a backhoe that did not have proper safety features. Although the backhoe was operating as manufactured, it was still unsafely designed, which created the dangerous condition that led to the workman’s injury — a brachial plexus crush of the left thorax that rendered his left arm virtually unusable. After a series of mediations, the manufacturer agreed to correct the defect in all of its products and provided damages to the workman.

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If you have suffered a serious injury, you need an attorney who will not only fight for your deserved compensation, but also for your future. Anthony J. Caiazzo, Jr., Esquire has been representing South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania residents for over 35 years. From the very beginning of your case, Attorney Caiazzo will develop a strategy that he believes will yield the best possible result possible. As your personal injury attorney, he will collect any evidence that can support your case, negotiate with insurance agents for a fair financial settlement, assist your medical professionals in properly documenting your injuries, and litigate in court on your behalf.

No matter how you received your injury, seek out legal advice from a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney in South Philadelphia. He is dedicated to obtaining the justice and compensation that you deserve.

Planning for the future of your estate and family can be a very daunting task. It is one that people often put off due to the perceived notion of how complex and overwhelming it can be. However, it does not need to be a stressful process. Anthony J. Caiazzo, Jr., Esquire can help you and your family with the tasks having to do with estate planning, including creating a will or trust, naming a power of attorney, probate representation, inheritance tax issues, and more. Attorney Caiazzo wants this process to be as stress-free as possible and is here to provide legal advice that you and your family can rely on. Contact him today to schedule a free consultation.

Anthony J. Caiazzo, Jr., Esquire is located in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but is dedicated to providing sound legal representation to residents all over the Philadelphia metropolitan. Get in contact with him today to get started.


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"Went Above and Beyond"

"I've had several claims after being injured. I heard about Mr. Caiazzo from my neighbor. He came to my house, got me the best medical care, made sure my car was fixed and medical bills paid. He went above and beyond every other lawyer I ever met."


"Can't Thank the Man Enough"

"After meeting Mr. Caiazzo I knew I had found the right lawyer. He is very experienced and professional. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. In the end he delivered and got me the results my family needed. Can't thank the man enough."