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An Injury Lawyer Philadelphia Will Explain Your Award After Costs

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 3, 2022

A common concern for clients of an injury lawyer Philadelphia is how much will be left over from an award after medical expenses, attorney fees, and other expenses.

Your Injury Lawyer Philadelphia Will Help You Understand how Much Might Be Left After Fees

Claimants are frequently worried that there will not be much money left over for them after a case has been resolved. This is not something to be overly concerned about. After the fees for the injury lawyer Philadelphia and the medical costs have been paid, there should be a reasonable amount of money left over to provide you with compensation for your pain, suffering, and a portion of your lost income. There are certain factors that come into play when a case is settled. When wondering about the finances of a claim, it is important to remember them. These factors will include how severe the injuries were, the total cost of medical bills, the determination of whether the medical bills will need to be paid out of the settlement, and whether or not you lost income from missing work or were using medical leave. If the medical bills must be paid out of the settlement or there is an insurance carrier that has to be repaid, it can have a major influence on the amount that will remain for you. While the law will compensate you for lost income, medical costs, and an amount for pain and suffering that is considered reasonable, it does not guarantee that a claimant will become wealthy after a claim. In fact, few claimants are considered “rich” after they have won a case. This is especially true in a smaller case where the award is likely to be substantially lower than in a larger case. Having realistic expectations and an understanding of how the system works can avoid any misconceptions and disappointment in a case.

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