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Car Accident Attorney Philadelphia Explains What Happens After You File a Car Accident Claim

Anthony J. Caiazzo March 31, 2022

When you have been involved in a car accident, it is important for your car accident attorney Philadelphia to explain what will happen during the claim process. Understanding what will take place through each step of your claim for compensation will help make the process run smoothly.


The first step that the insurance company will take is to have one of their representatives, or adjusters, contact the injured party and schedule an interview. During this interview the adjuster will try to determine what happened and if the accident is covered under their policy. They will ask for proof of injuries and other losses that were the result of the accident. You should speak to your car accident attorney Philadelphia prior to giving the interview if possible.


When an accident claim is filed, especially if it involves multiple parties, the insurance company will begin an investigation into what actually happened to cause the accident. This may involve accident recreation specialists being consulted and interviewing witnesses to the event.

Determining Fault

The insurance company will establish who is at-fault for the accident and at what percentage of that fault lies with each party. In most At-Fault states, one party must be at 50 percent or more fault for an accident for the insurance company to offer compensation to the other party. This determination may also be used at a later time to increase the insurance rates of the at-fault party.


It is always in the best interest of the insurance company to find you at-fault for as much of the accident as possible. This helps the insurer to pay out minimal claims or deny the claim in its entirety. This also provides them with sufficient means to increase insurance rates on the policy holder. If you believe that the insurer was wrong for the reasons stated above, it will be in the best interest of the injured party to seek legal representation from a car accident attorney Philadelphia to represent the claim.

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