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Complications in Settling a Personal Injury Case

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 3, 2022

When it seems as though your personal injury case is taking a long time to settle, you might want to seek the professional counsel of a car accident attorney in Philly. If the insurance company or claims adjuster does not offer a settlement within the range of your claim, talk to a lawyer about possible litigation of the case.

Tips When Litigating a Case

The insurance company is generally not named in the lawsuit unless the responsible parties did not have any coverage or did not have sufficient coverage. Instead, the case is filed against one or more individuals or a company who is liable. Your attorney might decide to wait before beginning the lawsuit in hopes of resolving the case without going to court. However, in some situations, it is clear that the differences between the parties are significant, which probably means the case will need to be litigated.

Reasons Why a Case Might Not Settle

  • The claims adjuster and insurance company might delay a settlement for various reasons, such as the following:

  • They believe that you overvalued the case, and they don’t want to pay what you and your lawyer think the case is worth.

  • They are denying responsibility for the accident because they think either you or another party bears the liability in the case.

  • Company policy includes a delay in payment and forces plaintiffs to file a lawsuit.

  • They are using delay tactics in order to drag out your claim and reduce its value.

  • They do not take your injuries seriously or believe that you are overstating them. The lawsuit will then prove how serious the accident and related injuries were.

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The professionals at Caiazzo Law have worked with insurance companies who try to employ these tactics and have strategies they can use to help accelerate your claim. You can reach our car accident attorney in Philly for help with your case.