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Help in Substantiating Damages from A Car Accident Attorney Philadelphia

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 3, 2022

Insurance adjusters by their very nature are speculative when it comes to certain damage claims, as a car accident attorney Philadelphia can inform you. They are much more impressed when they can see objective proof of damages such as medical bills and lost income than by reading through various forms submitted by a car accident attorney Philadelphia that describes your pains, inconveniences and suffering.

Documents vs. Subjective Complaints

Although the pain and suffering that a claimant feels is real, a car accident attorney Philadelphia can explain that it is difficult to put an accurate price on this suffering. Instead, many insurance carriers will want to see objective proof of injuries. Some even use special formulas that base a settlement off of the actual amount of damages times a certain variable. Subjective complaints are not usually adequate to substantiate the existence of damages. Instead, a car accident attorney Philadelphia can submit documentation of tangible damages to the insurance adjuster. This may include medical records, medical bills and other objective indications of injury.

Examples of Proof

Being able to prove injuries through objective evidence is critical to receiving the maximum amount of compensation. For example, take the following scenario: Two passengers are in the same vehicle when the vehicle that they are in is rear-ended. The first passenger goes to the emergency room immediately after the accident. So does the second passenger. The first passenger is recommended to see a specialist, but he decides to see a chiropractor instead. He is treated for five visits. He is in pain, but he feels that he cannot afford to miss work, so he only misses two days right after the accident. The pain may be excruciating, preventing him from interacting with his family or participating in hobbies. His medical bills are only about $1,000 and his lost wages equal a mere $200. His friends and family know the pain and discomfort is real and write letters detailing it. The second passenger is prescribed six weeks of physical therapy and misses two weeks of work. Her medical bills total about $3,000 and her lost wages are about $2,000. The insurance company will likely settle her claim for much more because of the objective evidence.

Legal Assistance from a Car Accident Attorney Philadelphia

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