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How a Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia Estimates the Value of A Claim

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 3, 2022

After your car accident lawyer in Philadelphia has gathered information about the types of damages that you have incurred, he or she may submit a demand letter to the insurance company. While this demand should be a reasonable value for your claim, it is usually greater than the amount that your car accident attorney Philadelphia usually expects the claim will ultimately settle for. There are a few different ways that a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia may develop the initial demand figure.

Medical Bill Assessment

One common way for a car accident attorney Philadelphia may develop the figure is to base the demand figure off of a variable of the actual medical expenses incurred. The lawyer reviews medical bills for objective injuries that are causally related to the accident. He or she also reviews if there was any pre-existing injury to the same site on the body. Then, he or she multiples the amount of medical bills by a small number, such as two, three or four. If there were pre-existing injuries, a lower number is used, such as two rather than four. Additionally, the lawyer assesses the amount of time that the accident-related accident took to heal. For longer periods of time, the lawyer is more likely to use a higher number such as four or five and multiply this number by the amount of medical bills.

Lost Income Assessment

Another common way that a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia determines a demand figure is to base a portion of the figure off of the amount of lost income. The lawyer multiplies the amount of lost income by two, three or four, depending on the amount of time lost and the quality of proof of this loss. This figure is added to the medical bill assessment described above. Determining the amount of lost income is much simpler for victims who have a consistent pay schedule, such as those who work 40 hours a week every week or those who have a salary. It can be more difficult to assess the amount of lost income for someone who is self-employed, but payment records, accountant letters or tax returns can help support this information when necessary.

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