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Insurers Are Not Afraid of Court

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 3, 2022

Automobile accidents are the leading personal injury claims processed by insurance companies. If you sustain bodily injury and/or property damage resulting from an automobile accident, you are entitled to compensation. When the party who caused your harm is insured, there is a process to obtaining that compensation.

The Claims Process

Following an automobile accident wherein a party involved sustains harm, the injured party (whether a driver, passenger, or bystander) must file a claim with the liable party’s insurance company. The claim is then assigned to an adjuster to evaluate the claim’s value, including considering the insured’s policy limits. Although insurance companies may vary in their procedure, they generally require a claimant to submit medical records, proof of property damage, evidence of lost income, and a demand. Your car accident lawyer Philadelphia will ensure that all the required documentation is properly submitted, as well as considering the policy limit to ensure it is sufficient to cover your damages.

Litigation vs. Settlement

Ideally, the insured’s policy limit would be sufficient to compensate you for your damages, including your present and future medical costs, property damage, and lost wages due to the accident. If your damages exceed the policy limit, we will discuss with you the option of litigation. Insurance companies strive to pay the minimum amount on claims, to the extent that they are frequently willing to litigate, even going to trial, to avoid paying a claim’s true value. The insurance companies possess, and are willing to utilize, the financial and legal resources to avoid paying. Our car accident lawyer Philadelphia aggressively negotiates with insurance companies in an effort to settle matters and avoid litigation and trial, which are time-consuming and costly.

Retaining a Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia

Our car accident lawyer Philadelphia can offer the highest degree of legal advocacy. We possess the requisite expertise, knowledge, and skill to negotiate and/or litigate your personal injury case. Insurance companies generally undervalue a claim and are willing to litigate and even take a case to trial to avoid paying the true value of personal injury claims. Our firm’s car accident lawyer Philadelphia will vigorously represent you and seek the maximum value of your claim, and zealously litigate and try your case if necessary. Please contact the Caiazzo Law Offices to discussion your personal injury matter and obtain the maximum value of your claim.