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Our Car Accident Attorney Philadelphia Discusses Why You Should Call the Police
in An Accident

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

Our car accident attorney Philadelphia PA understands that automobile accidents are some of the most difficult legal cases to settle because they are often complicated, even when the accident appears minor. Major accidents can be complicated as well, especially those that involve multiple vehicles. But, in many multiple vehicle accidents even those at the end of the accident will suffer seemingly minor injuries only to have the injuries worsen later. Your car accident attorney Philadelphia will advise you to always call the police in the event of any accident, regardless of the severity, because the final outcome of the case may still result in significant injuries and financial settlement. Beyond financial settlements, there are also some other reasons that calling the police can be important.

State Law

Many states require all accidents involving an injured passenger to be investigated by the police. Even a minor accident can produce an injury later, even if it is not apparent at first. In addition, leaving the scene of an accident can be illegal as well, depending on the scenario of the accident. If the vehicles can be moved after the accident, those involved should pull to the side of the road and call the police immediately. Even superficial injuries should be reported. When serious injury occurs or the vehicles are damaged beyond ability to move on their own power, it is state law that first responders should be called immediately, including an ambulance. Information supplied by the official police report of the accident can be crucial for your car accident attorney Philadelphia to use when conducting their own investigation into the accident.

Minor Accident Protocol

Very minor accidents may only legally require those involved to exchange insurance company identification and personal contact information. Vehicles that can be driven away from the scene may leave when no one is significantly injured to the point that they cannot be moved or are immobile. However, it is still advisable to call the police, especially when the opposing driver is not cooperative or acts combative. Vehicle damage can also be very expensive with respect to contemporary vehicle values, even in a minor accident, and a negligent driver may also be liable for extended damages if they have minimal insurance. Hit-and-run accidents are also common in minor accident situations, especially when the fleeing driver has no auto insurance protection. Any hit-and-run situation should be reported, especially when you have uninsured or under-insured driver coverage, and police should be notified of a potentially dangerous motorist. Many times fleeing drivers are leaving the scene because they are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or are carrying illegal substances, which can impact your comparative negligence evaluation when they can be identified and apprehended. Finding as many witnesses as possible can be an advantage also when they are willing to testify or make a statement to police officials. Every state uses some form of contributory negligence doctrine when adjudicating auto accidents of any size, and a percentage is issued for all of those drivers involved in any accident.

Competing Versions of Causation

Another important reason to call the police is to compare the versions of the accident, which is often an issue. The police can conduct a neutral investigation regarding the facts of the case and duly note them on the official accident report. Even minor accidents will produce an official accident reconstruction determined by police department accident specialists. Having your own car accident attorney Philadelphia will allow you to have your own accident reconstruction investigator who can craft a version of events that reduces any assessment you may have regarding contributory or comparative negligence. Your car accident attorney Philadelphia from Caiazzo Law will design your defense for maximum damage recovery focused on both physical vehicle damage and personal injury recovery. Even when the accident is minor enough to only require exchanging information, it is still a good idea to go the local police jurisdiction office to report the accident and transfer as much information as possible.

Soft-Tissue Personal Injuries

Soft-tissue injuries that occur in an accident can be difficult when attempting to recover damages if the injury is not reported promptly. Calling the police means that there is an official record of an injury, as the official accident report will list all individuals involved, including passengers, and list all reported injuries. Soft-tissue injuries such as strained muscles in the neck and back many times do not manifest until well after the accident occurs. Even if the ambulance does not show up at the scene, it is always a good idea to seek medical treatment as soon as possible and be checked out for any underlying medical issues. Internal bleeding can also be very serious in short order, and often fatal. Your car accident attorney Philadelphia will always suggest being very comprehensive when discussing your injuries with the police and seek medical attention immediately when medical technicians do not respond. Be proactive in following up on the accident.

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