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Our Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help Calculate Damages

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

There are different types of damages involved in a motor vehicle accident and your Philadelphia car accident attorney can help present all damages for consideration. Understanding how damages differ is an essential part of an accident case.

Types of Damages

Damages in a motor vehicle accident are categorized as economic and non-economic damages. Aside from the basic differences each encompasses, proof of damage as well as the ability of an insurance company to evaluate each type are issues that your Philadelphia car accident attorney can explain. Since economic damages are fairly straightforward, using a formula for calculation in many cases, adjusters may feel more comfortable when dealing with them. Both economic and non-economic damages are incorporated into the estimated total compensation.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are obvious and include medical expenses due to the accident, lost wages due to the inability to work and damage your vehicle sustained. Quantifying such damages is not difficult. For instance, medical expenses can be quantified by keeping documentation of medical bills, prescription costs, physical therapy costs and other expenses directly related to medical care related to the accident and in the future if necessary. Similarly, lost wage quantification benefits from documentation of salary, the amount that you lost while being out of work and possibly future losses due to an incapacity to work at your particular profession. Economic damages are generally subjected to an economic calculator used by many insurance companies. Your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer will review the insurance company’s determination to see if it fits in with actual losses.

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages are different in two ways. They reflect entities that are more difficult to quantify, and insurance adjusters are less familiar with the way in which they are handled. They include the loss of enjoyment an individual may experience in the pursuit of normal activities due to injuries associated with the accident. In addition, non-economic damages are those linked to mental trauma due to pain and suffering.

Emotional Distress

Quantifying loss associated with emotional distress involves looking at such emotions as anxiety, sleep loss, fear, humiliation and easy emotional upset. Depressive episodes are encountered and may be sufficient to keep the individual from working or interacting socially. It is important to note any symptoms that differ from your normal psychological profile. Keeping track of changes will help your Philadelphia car accident lawyer make certain you are adequately compensated. A daily journal is a easy way to make sure nothing is missed.

Call a Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer

Being compensated for both economic and non-economic damage is helped by having an attorney. Insurance companies are prepared and have experience in negating damages. Calling a Philadelphia auto accident lawyer from Caiazzo Law helps you deal with an insurance company and makes sure that you receive the help you need to pay damages and get back on track after the accident.