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Our Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Adjuster Tricks and Ploys

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

If you have been injured in an auto accident and need assistance, contact a trusted car accident attorney Philadelphia residents trust for your consultation. If you have been injured then you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more. If you and your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer are seeking damages for your auto accident, then it will be through the claims adjuster from the defense’s insurance company. As your experienced car accident attorney Philadelphia knows, the claims adjuster has ploys that they will often use in order to get you to agree to a smaller settlement than what you are actually entitled to. The following information from your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer discusses the tactics that the claims adjuster will use on you in this situation.

Adjuster Tricks and Ploys in A Settlement Case

One of the most common ploys that a claims adjuster for the defense’s insurance company may use with you is asking to get your statement. That may seem like an innocent request, and it is one of the less dirty tricks that the claims adjuster has up their sleeve. After all, it is the claims adjuster’s job to ask questions and gather the facts about your accident. They will gather the information from both parties involved in the accident, speak to the witnesses, and review any physical evidence there was in order to make their determination of which party was liable in the case. Once the liability determination is made, the adjuster will then the adjuster will decide if it is best to pay the settlement, negotiate, or deny it. One of the biggest pieces of the claims adjuster’s puzzle will be this interview by the claimant. When getting statements, the adjuster will either get them signed or record them. If the adjuster is not able to do either, then they may ask the claimant to do an interview with them. A signed statement will involve the adjuster asking questions and writing the answers down in first-person form as the person who is being questioned. While there are scripted questions for the adjuster to ask, they are allowed at their discretion to tailor the questions to match the circumstances of the accident. After the statement is complete, the adjuster will read back the questions and answers to affirm that all the information is correct. The claimant will initial any changes, then sign the bottom to confirm that all that was written was true. In a signed statement, it is possible that the adjuster will also get a witness to sign it as well. The claimant may or may not be left with a copy of the statement. The claimant has the right to request a copy of their statement for their records from the adjuster. In the event of a recorded statement, the adjuster will first get the claimant’s permission before doing so. This permission can be verbal or written. The adjuster will typically use a small tape recorder to record the claimant’s answer. This can take place either in-person or over the phone. Most likely it will take place over the phone. Recorded statements are now becoming more popular with insurance adjusters, as it takes less time to do than a written statement. After doing a recorded statement, the adjuster will then do a dictation and summarize the recorded interview. Although it is not very frequent, there is a chance that the recorded statement would be sent to a typist to transcribe the interview exactly as it was said.

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