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Our Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses Car Accidents and Neck Injuries

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

Complete accuracy in identifying all the forces at play in car accidents is impossible because, a Philadelphia auto accident lawyer says, they involve so many variables. Each accident has its own characteristics that can make the difference between slight and serious injury. Any reasonably accurate assessment of the actual forces from a car accident requires expert engineering skills. Our Philadelphia auto accident lawyer, however, can estimate roughly the potential risk of neck injury from whiplash by examining the evaluating factors:

  • The angle of the collision. Was the impact to the car straight-on, from the side, or at some oblique angle? An impact is generally less forceful straight-on than from an angle as the off-center impact may twist the spine.

  • The speed and weight of the rear car. In rear-enders the faster and heavier the rear car, the more force it places on the front car. A large truck at five miles per hour (mph) can do much more damage than can a small car at 20 mph.

  • Road conditions. Was the road surface dry, wet, slick, or icy? Was the road composition asphalt, concrete, or gravel? The distance a car moves after a collision is critical, and the road surface can make an apparently minor accident worse than it first may appear.

  • Occupant head position. Was the injured occupant looking straight forward, or was the head turned, exposing the spine to more complex stresses and increasing the risk of injury?

  • Gender. Women are at a much higher risk of chronic whiplash pain than are men. Experts suggest that this increased risk may be due to anatomical or seating position differences.

  • Occupant awareness. Whiplash trauma lessens when the occupant has awareness of and an opportunity to brace for the collision, preventing hyperextension of the head. Bracing arms and legs, however, can injure these areas as well. A clear idea of what the injured occupant did at the instant of the collision is always helpful but often difficult to ascertain.

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