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Our Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer on Mediation Problems

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

If you have been injured in an auto accident, call your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer for a consultation. Depending on the circumstances and damages, you may be entitled to compensation. The following information from your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer discusses using mediation as a trusted third-party when settling special issues in your auto accident case and the problems that can sometimes arise from their services. If you find that you have further questions about using mediation, contact your auto accident attorney for a consultation.

Using Mediation for Special Issues

Mediation conferences can be used to help settle issues outside of a courtroom. Often, lawyers will seek the help of these third-parties to settle auto accident lawsuits. Using a mediator is often less expensive, and less complicated, than taking the lawsuit to trial. Despite mediators often being a help in these situations, there are times when mediators can cause more problems than solutions.

Special Problems with Mediators

One of the worst things a mediator can do in a lawsuit situation is to offer what they think the value of the case is. If this happens and the value that the mediator places on it is less than you are hoping to receive, then this is a hurdle that your accident attorney will have to overcome. In some situations, a mediator may degrade one, or both, side’s positions. The mediator may point out any flaws in your lawsuit, or things that could make your case considered to be a poor one. A mediator may reveal confidential information to the other side that was shared between you and your attorney. An example would be if you and your lawyer are seeking $100,000 in damages but have said in front of the mediator that you would be willing to settle for $60,000. This can undermine any negotiations that you are hoping to do.

Call Your Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer

Being in an auto accident can be a scary, traumatic event. That is why you need the best car accident attorney Philadelphia residents trust by your side to lessen the stress that has been added from the accident. Call your experienced auto accident lawyer to help you with your case. Caiazzo Law has the Philadelphia auto accident lawyer who will help you fight for what you deserve in your auto accident case. Call us today for your consultation!