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Our Real Estate Lawyer Philadelphia Discusses Do Not Resuscitate Orders

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

A real estate lawyer Philadelphia can explain the definition of a do not resuscitate order. Individuals who have such orders in place can also take precautions to safeguard their property in the event that they suffer from respiratory or cardiac arrest.

About Do Not Resuscitate Orders

This type of order requires someone who is providing medical treatment to the individual to abstain from cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Typically, EMTs and other emergency medical personnel are required to resuscitate an individual who is suffering from cardiac or respiratory arrest. However, if this emergency medical provider has a copy of the DNR, he or she must abide by the individual’s request.

Execution of Do Not Resuscitate Orders

A real estate lawyer Philadelphia can explain that there are several legal requirements for a Do Not Resuscitate order. It must generally be in a similar form to the one required by statute. Additionally, the patient’s treating physician usually must sign the order, along with the patient. The physician must include a statement to the effect that he or she directs the withholding of CPR and other artificial means of ventilation in case the patient suffers respiratory or cardiac arrest. If the patient is incapacitated at the time when such an order could apply, the patient’s health care power of attorney or similar representative can sign such an order on the patient’s behalf.

Differences from Living Wills

Some individuals may mistakenly believe that they do not need a DNR if they have a living will. However, this is often not the case. The DNR must be completed on a specific form provided by state law, while a living will can be prepared by a lawyer. A DNR does not require an attorney’s signature. Another key distinction between a living will and a DNR is that a DNR can be executed by someone other than the patient once he or she becomes incapacitated while a living will cannot.

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