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Personal Injury Claims Involving High School Football Injuries

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

Each year, sports-related injuries affect high school students. Those that occur on the football field can leave devastating and permanent injury and disability A Philadelphia high school injury lawyer explains some of the most common types of injuries and discusses whether a claim for compensation may exist.

Common Types of Football Injuries

Injuries on the practice field and during football games can happen for a variety of reasons. If players are not properly hydrated and experience conditions of extreme heat, this can cause deadly heat stroke. Impact-related injuries are also common. Concussions and other head trauma can occur for a variety of reasons such as improper equipment or lack of proper training. It’s important to understand whether a student’s injury can be compensated.

Understanding Who May Be at Fault for Football Injuries

The coaches and assistants running practice as well as officials at games bear a huge responsibility to ensure the safety of the players on the field. In the case of head injuries, coaches and trainers should understand the signs of concussions and exercise good judgment in sending players back out after an injury. If they fail in this regard, it can lead to significant further injury. The same is true for monitoring conditions of extreme heat and other risks to the players. In the event these adults fail to meet their responsibilities, they and the school district may bear legal responsibility.

In the case of faulty equipment such as helmets or other protective gear, an injury claim may be pursued under a theory of products liability. If the designer or manufacturer were negligent, they may be liable for injuries caused by the defective product. If the equipment was not used properly, the coaches and school may bear legal fault as well as the manufacturer if warning labels or instructions were unclear.

Getting Help from an Injury Attorney

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