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Personal Liability: Swimming Pool Accidents

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

Summer time is a dangerous time for children especially around water. Every year children drown as a result of the carelessness and sometimes recklessness of others. Some lucky children survive a drowning while others don’t. All parents should know the dangers of drowning. You should also understand your rights when there is a swimming pool accident. It takes very little sometimes to take the life of a small child or teenager. Every child should be taught to swim but unfortunately many are not.

It is true that accidents do happen. A drowning accident should never happen.

Anytime there is water there is the possibility of a drowning.

Oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, pools, ponds, creeks, tubs and even kiddie pools can be a dangerous place. It only takes about 3 ½ inches of water to drown an infant who is face down and it only takes a few seconds.

Prevention and knowledge can often be life saving. Don’t reply on the life guard to do his job. Be vigilante where there is danger. Keep an eye on your children. Know where they are. Know how well they swim and know the water. Any body of water that has a current increase the dangers and also the risks of injuries. Although more people get injured from pools at camps, public pools and private back yard pools (big and small) rather then large bodies of water.

As people we are drawn to water especially when it’s hot in summer. It’s cooling and fun. Just getting some sun in cool water is very relaxing. Children love to splash and yell. The teenagers are always hard at horse play. Sometimes they don’t realize they jumped on a smaller child or kicked one in the jaw. It only takes once careless act to cause a catastrophic consequence. The danger increase exponentially the deeper the water and the greater the number of people.

Alcohol and water are never a good mix. An intoxicated swimmer has a much greater likelihood of injury and drowning. Adults watching kids in pools should never drink alcohol but often do. This also increases the danger to children swimming.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for the drowning of another person but most times somebody other then the person who has drowned is responsible. It’s a long hot summer so be aware of the dangers of water and act accordingly. Don’t let anyone get injured or drown on your watch. A pool death is a terrifying thought to live with.

If you have any questions concerning pool and water safety issues or you know of someone who has been injured or drowned, ask us for expert legal advise and answers.