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South Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney on Settlement Negotiations

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

Attempting to receive fair compensation for injuries sustained in an auto accident can be very difficult without assistance from experienced South Philadelphia personal injury attorneys. When you don’t understand your rights or know how to effectively negotiate with insurance adjusters, you are prone to making mistakes that may substantially reduce the value of your claim.

Initial Stage of Negotiation

Even though negotiating a settlement tends to be less expensive and less time-consuming than going to trial, it’s still an adversarial process. Gather evidence that supports your claim and present persuasive arguments regarding the amount of compensation you are seeking when negotiating with the insurance adjuster. Usually, the injured party or the injured party’s attorney lets the insurance adjuster know how much money he wants. Some of the issues the personal injury lawyer must analyze in order to calculate the value of the claim include:

  • Liability of the defendant

  • Severity of the injuries

  • Cost of the past, present, and future medical expenses

  • Loss of income

  • Limits of insurance coverage

  • Cost of repairing damage to your vehicle and other property

Negotiation Strategies

During the negotiations, the insurance adjuster often makes an offer that is less than what the insurer is willing to pay. Issuing a payment for less than the actual value of the claim protects the financial interests of the insurance company. Improve your chances of getting a fair settlement by providing detailed medical records and other documents that describe the full extent of your losses. Give specific reasons for requesting the amount of compensation listed in your demand letter. The personal injury attorney and insurance adjuster often go back and forth during the negotiation process before an amicable resolution is reached.

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