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South Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Recommends Keeping a Record

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

A South Philadelphia personal injury attorney will give you advice about keeping an accurate accounting of your medical bills.

Strategies to Keep Track of Medical Bills

Your South Philadelphia personal injury attorney will explain how to keep track of your medical expenses by doing the following:

  1. Request a bill every time you receive treatment. It is imperative to have a record of when you went to a hospital, doctor’s office, therapist’s office, or any medical facility.

  2. Keep a record of all bills for prescriptions. With injuries, you will likely receive medications through a prescription.

  3. Make a chart with the medical expenses, dates of treatment, and medications you purchased. Having a detailed record of every expense that arises from your injuries including medicines, treatments, doctor’s visits, and anything else related to the accident is key because it will be a record of everything your injuries have cost you.

  4. Provide your attorney with copies of every bill. For your attorney to seek compensation for every expense from the injury, the bills must be accounted for. There must also be a summary of the medical bills for when a settlement is discussed. Your lawyer will probably receive these bills from the medical professionals who are doing the treatments, but having your copies will make certain that every bill is accurate.

  5. Maintain a record of medical bills even if they are processed through an insurer. Make sure to have copies of the bills even if you are covered by your employer or through a health insurer.

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