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South Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Warns Against Contacting the Defense

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

A South Philadelphia personal injury attorney can provide you with advice as to whether or not you should engage in communication or contact with the person or company that caused the injuries.

Understanding Why Contact with The Defense Is Unwise

Your South Philadelphia personal injury attorneys will want to protect your case and your ability to recover damages from the accident. With that in mind, you will be told that it is a bad idea to contact the insurance company or the person whose actions caused the injuries. This should not happen under any circumstances once you have retained legal counsel. If you do make contact with anyone involved in the defense from the insurance company to the person who caused the injuries, it could do a significant amount of damage to your case. It can even ruin it completely if you say the wrong thing or ask the wrong questions. The defense will be more than willing to use this type of mistake against you to reduce the amount you can receive in compensation by a substantial amount. In addition, once you have legal representation, the majority of states prohibit the insurance company from contacting you. If they do so or try to do so, notify your lawyer as soon as possible.

Contacting Your Own Insurer

In certain circumstances, it might be acceptable for you to contact your own insurance company after an accident. For example, if you have insurance for medical payments, health insurance, or coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists, then you may be able to contact your company about these matters. Of course, you should think about this and discuss it with your South Philadelphia personal injury attorneys beforehand. Do not contact your insurance company without your attorney giving you approval that it is acceptable and will not harm your case.

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