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South Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys on What to Do After an Injury

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

After an accident or injury, you might wonder what you should do in order to recover and legally protect yourself. Your primary focus needs to be your own personal health at this time. The law requires that you take every action to optimize your recovery and move toward healing. Our South Philadelphia personal injury attorneys can offer suggestions on specific steps that you should take, depending on the type of injury you suffered.

Appointments, Prescriptions and Medical Advice

You will need to take a proactive role in the healing process. Attend all medical appointments and follow the oral and written advice that your doctor provides. Take any prescriptions, limit your activities, and attend therapy as directed. If you push yourself past the point the doctor ordered, you will slow down your recovery. The professionals at our accident law firm in Philadelphia understand that you are probably anxious to return to work in order to provide for your family. However, we will likely ask for missed wages as part of any compensation the court orders.

If you need to reschedule a medical appointment due to a conflict, make sure that you document the reason in writing for your own records. Opposing counsel could use failure to follow the doctor’€™s orders or missed appointments against you in court, which could reduce your award or even result in a ruling against you.

Physical Therapy

In some cases, your doctor or the hospital might order physical therapy, especially if you suffered soft-tissue injuries, sprains or pulled muscles. You should attend all the appointments as directed. In addition, cooperate with the therapist and do any recommended exercises at home. Make every effort to keep your appointments in order to show the court that you took proactive measures toward healing. If you have additional questions about physical therapy in your case, call our South Philadelphia personal injury attorneys.

How We Can Help You

Once you have taken the initial steps to ensure your safety and well-being, you might want to discuss your case with our South Philadelphia personal injury attorneys in order to find out your rights. The professionals at Caiazzo Law Offices look forward to working with you. Call today for legal assistance.