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The Dirty Truth About Insurance Settlements

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

The insurance industry is in the business of making profits. They are not in the claims business. Personal injury attorneys can no longer settle most claims. The large insurance companies force most personal injury claims into suit by not offering any settlement money or by offering a one time low ball settlement. There are many different types of accidents and injuries for which insurance coverage is available to pay for pain and suffering, lost wages, automobile repairs and property damages. It won’t be easy getting the money and a good personal injury law firm can certainly help. In today’s economic climate even the average automobile accidents and simple trip and fall or slip and fall claims are be contested by the insurance claims examiners. It’s all about profit for the insurance industry. Let’s be honest no one likes getting sued either.

Many people wrongly attempt to settle personal injury claims directly with the insurance claims adjuster. They offer you as little as they think you’ll take. Many times the person who is attempting to settle his own case is attempting to avoid the personal injury lawyer’s fees. In reality you have just fallen into the trap of the insurance company. They know it is way cheaper to deal with non lawyers. They see the public as stupid. Don’t be fooled by the friendly insurance adjuster. He or she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing waiting to take advantage of you.

You can not get a full and fair insurance settlement unless you are ready to fight one of the largest and toughest industries in America…. INSURANCE. Call personal injury law firm, Caiazzo Law Office, today to help you obtain what you deserve.