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Understanding the Differences in Insurance Companies

Anthony J. Caiazzo April 4, 2022

Your Philadelphia auto accident lawyer from Caiazzo Law Offices knows that all insurance claims adjusters are not created equally. Different sized companies have different philosophies when it comes to settling claims, and those differences can make a big difference in the size of a settlement or the time that it takes to receive final payment. For your attorney this means that the approach to the negotiation changes when they know the claims payment policy of the respondent insurance company. Claims adjusters have supervisors too, and claims are settled by the adjusters in accordance with company policy and view on certain claims procedures. This is why any personal injury claim should be handled by an experienced and effective car accident lawyer in Philadelphia to ensure a full settlement and timely payment.

Conservative Company Philosophy

Many conservative “big box” insurance companies implement the same style of settlement negotiation regarding car accidents. Car accidents can be complicated legal issues, and the amount of settlement available can be greatly impacted by certain legal arguments. For many insurance companies who utilize a difficult settlement policy, there can be an aggressive attack on the claimant in terms of comparative fault. All parties involved in an auto accident are accessed for comparative negligence, and the amount of recovery can be limited by the comparative negligence percentage. The higher the comparative percentage assigned to the plaintiff, the lower the respondent insurance company can offer to settle a claim. This is a major consideration, as in Pennsylvania anyone over 50% at fault for an accident cannot recover any damages. Having an aggressive and diligent Philadelphia auto accident lawyer can be the difference between no settlement at all or an equitable damage recovery. These companies usually pay off quick for a small settlement or drag the claim out as a method pressuring the claimant.

Middle Range Insurance Companies

Most mid-sized insurance companies prefer to settle claims in a timely fashion and often begin providing benefits immediately, especially regarding physical property recovery and initial medical bills. The process can move at a reasonable pace in many situations. However, it is still important to have a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia because the comparative fault doctrine can still by a problem if the insurance company balks on the final non-economic pain-and-suffering component of a settlement. Even a reasonable insurance company can hinder a proper payout using comparative negligence complaints to the court, and they will often also want a full release of further medical coverage. Your attorney can use the request to require that the insurance company pay commensurate with the amount the release may prevent or settle for the cap.

Always Get an Attorney

Insurance company negotiators are not obligated to dispense information to an injured claimant when they attempt handling an auto accident claim themselves. They recognize the injured party may not understand the amount of recoverable damages available and want to settle quickly. Always get an attorney who can investigate the case and question the insurance company in court.

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